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S T O R E S    I N S T R U C T I O N S
70809-07 5/8/2008Competent authority for purchase proposalRailway Board 2004/RS(G)/779/10 4/3/2008
80809-08 5/26/2008Valid FAC to be provided along with requisition for registrationRailway Board 2004/RS(G)/779/10 4/3/2008
90809-09 6/13/2008FALL ClauseRailway Board 2008/RS(G)/779/08 6/2/2008
100809-10 6/13/2008Enhancement/delegation in the minimum value of Tenders for inclusing of option clause in the supply contractsRailway Board 93/RS(G)779/2 6/4/2008
110809-11 7/14/2008Operation of 30% option clause in stores contractsRailway Board 2006/RS(G)/779/2 6/4/2008
120809-12 7/14/2008Opening period of Advertise TenderCOS Office  
130809-13 7/23/2008Award contract-Procedure for conducting negotiationsRailway Board 99/RS(G)/779/2 6/27/2008
140809-14 7/30/2008Amendment to purchase order placed against Tenders of Railway procedure units beyond the acceptance power of General ManagerRailway Board 2007/RS(G)/779/5 7/14/2008
150809-15 8/7/2008Pre-inspection of material by M/S RITES/RDSORailway Board 2000/RS(G)/779/2 8/7/2006
160809-16 8/7/2008Fixation of reserve price for sale by auctionRailway Board 2006/RS(G)/709/1 7/28/2008
170809-17 8/8/2008Delegation of power of purchase of COS/CMM etc.Railway Board 2007/RS(G)/779/1 7/28/2008
180809-18 8/28/2008Issue of purchase order with Staggered delivery periodCOS Office  
190809-19 9/12/2008Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) and Security Deposit (SD) for Stores tendersRailway Board 2004/RS(G)/779/1 8/6/2008
200809-20 9/12/2008Procedure for determination of the level of Tender Committee and Tender Acceptance Authority in case officers received in foreign currency fRailway Board 2003/RS(G)/777 8/8/2008
210809-21 9/12/2008Inspection of Safety items procurred from non-RDSO approved sources.GM(MLG) DSL/Materials/Tenders 8/20/2008
220809-22 9/24/2008Amendment in Para 1241 of Indian Railway Stores Code regarding custody of Stores and protection in case pf scrap materialsRailway Board 98/RS(G)/779/10 (CS) 8/28/2008
230809-23 10/16/2008Vetting of indentRailway Board 2007/RS(G)709/12 9/3/2008
240809-24 11/15/2008Review of policy and procedure for disposal scrap on Indian RailwayRailway Board 2007/RS(G)/779/11 10/15/2008
250809-25 11/5/2008Withdrawal of exemption from payment of Security Deposit (SD) in supply of contracts for procurement of Safety items in case of SSI units reRailway Board 2004/RS(G)/779/11 10/15/2008
260809-26 11/19/2008Enhancement in vetting Limits of non-stock demands/requisitionsRailway Board 2007/RS(G)/779/1 10/16/2008
270809-27 11/5/2008Recovery of Liquidated Damages for delayed supplies during extended delivery period in supply contracts.Railway Board 2003/RS(G)/779/9 10/20/2008
280809-28 1/21/2009Nomination of diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) as the nodal agency for arranging the items required for maintenance of GM LocosRailway Board 2008/RS(G)/779/10 10/21/2008
290809-29 1/22/2009Counter OffersRailway Board 99/RS(G)/779/2 10/22/2008
300809-30 1/23/2009Expenditious finalisation of cases relating to rejected materials by the RailwayRailway Board 99/RS(G)/709/4 11/4/2008
310809-31 1/28/2009Quality inspection by the inspection agencies in case of rejected storesRailway Board 99/RS(G)709/4 11/5/2008
320809-32 1/29/2009Confirmation intender the regarding the uploading of NIT and tender documents on the websiteRailway Board 2008/RS(G)779 11/7/2008
330809-33 1/30/2009Tender committee member from Accounts departmentFA&CAO(MLG) G/108(08-09) 11/14/2008
340809-34 2/16/2009Tendering process-Negotiation with L1- pre-decided split orderingRailway Board 99/RS(G)/779/2 1/6/2009
350809-35 2/16/2009Amendment in Para 2408 of Indian Railway Stores Code regarding auction sale of scrap at stores departmentRailway Board 98/RS(G)/779/10 (CS) 1/14/2009
360809-36 2/27/2009Payment of Agency Commission in import contractRailway Board 89/RS(G)/779/G 1/22/2009
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